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Henry Joseph Tiberius Cornish

3 Jan

This is about 4 months late getting posted but I thought I would share my birthing story for those of you interested.

What a beautiful life I’m living now that your in the world;)

Also here is a video I made to capture some highlights of my pregnancy and Henry’s arrival<3 ❤ ❤

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EjlmTDXTnm4 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EjlmTDXTnm4 
September 1st, I went to work just like any other day. My due date wasn’t for another week so I decided to work until I no longer physically could. At this point the worst part was backache and heartburn. It was significant but I was determined to work as long as I could.


That evening we were offered some tickets to the Lobo football game. Being so pregnant on a work night I would usually say no but it was in the box suite so … free dinner and comfortable seating. Against my better judgement I ate 2 hot dogs along with some other things. We left at half time as it to get home too late. I needed rest for work the next day.


About 3am I woke up with what I thought were stomach cramps. I went back to bed and was woken up 30 min later with more pain. This time my stirring woke up Daniel. He jumped up and said something like, ‘are you having contractions!’ I was like no, just had too many hot dogs, bad idea! He started packing up things “just in case.” I’m glad he did because what I  thought was undigested food was the real deal..in about an hour the contractions were regular, strong and 3 min apart.


5am and I’m getting checked in. At this point my labor is fast and furious. 6 cm dilated and I was having extremely painful back labor. My water broke on the yoga ball and I continued to labor naturally. We moved to the bath which was very comforting to me. My helpful hubby jumped in with me ready to put pressure on my lower back with each contraction. I was in so much pain I stuck my whole head under the running water trying to get some relief.


We really worked through each contraction together. Daniel would count and that gave me the confidence that I could get through it and that there would be relief soon. My mom and mother in law were also there to give me a gentle touch and words of encouragement.   I deep breathed and focused all my energy into overcoming the pain.


When the Dr. came to check me at about 9:00am she gave me the news my little guy was sunny side up. Pushing him out vaginally was possible but was going to be challenging. With this extra obstacle and my already 10+ pain and 6 hrs of natural labor. I decided it would be in the best interest of me and my little one to ease mamas pain, so I could focus what little energy I had left to regain my strength. The epidural proceeded to come with its own difficulties. Staying still through major contractions to get a needle in the correct spot is a challenge but I had to have it done twice because he couldn’t get in it the right spot. After about an hour it was placed and I was begging for relief. My whole body was shaking vigorously the whole labor. It took some time but things started to ease up.


I was at 9 centimeters dilated and the doc suggested we stop my labor to try and get the baby turned into a better position. The nurses, the dr, and I did everything possible to try and turn the baby but he wouldn’t budge. Also during this time the baby’s heart rate dropped to a scary level and the dr was in full ready mode to take me in for a c section. Once they stopped the medication his heart rate went back up. He was gonna run this show.


During this whole ordeal I was so terrified I wouldn’t be able to get him out. We started pushing at 4:30pm and within the first few pushes everyone was so excited because they could see his head. Unfortunately he couldn’t get past my pelvic bone because of his awkward position. 2 hours later I was still pushing and losing the will to live. My husband tells this story best so I’ll insert his point of view here.


“It was an arduous and taxing arrival, as Henry lacked the space or desire to turn, instead remaining ‘sunny side up’ the whole way. After two hours of pushing, Dr. Solis looks an exhausted Tiffani Evangeline Cornish in the eye and gravely states ” If you aren’t able to get him out in the next thirty minutes, we are going to have to do an emergency Caesarian.” Tiffani, slumped against the side of her labor bed, oxygen flowing, closes her eyes, only to open them with a look of steely resolve; a look of legend, the like of which children sing songs into eternity. With that, mother and son worked together, mutually willing this new life into existence. Henry is born!


Upon being placed on his mother’s chest, his hands and mouth began searching for his source of life. Within seconds he was latched upon his mother’s breast, fueling for the life to come.”


Henry Joseph Tiberius Cornish was born at 6:25, weighing 7.06lbs and 18 1/2 inches long.
It was the hardest most beautiful thing I’ve ever done. This past month has been wonderful, exhausting, miraculous, emotional, painful and so many other things I can’t quite put into words. I’m so thankful for it all.