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First Day back to work

3 Jan

Today is my first full day back to work. The days leading up to now were a lot harder then I expected them to be. The thought of being apart from the life form that up until now has been by my side almost 24 hrs a day started to sound wrong. My maternal instincts were saying, “how can you abandon your child?!” “He needs you!” After rationalizing with myself I was determined to make the best of it. Thank God I’m blessed to have wonderful family support particularly my mother in law and my mama to help us out during this time. That being said I have no doubt in my mind that my child is being cared for. Where does that leave me….

-I am thankful for a job that helps pay for my benefits to keep my family healthy

-I am thankful for my breast pump which allows me to nourish my baby even from far away.

-I’m endlessly thankful for my loving supportive husband to keep my spirits up and keep me reassured.

So it leaves me feeling thankful for all the support. Though my heart may be aching for the sweet snuggles of my son I know that everything is gonna be okay, and at 3:45 he will be back in my arms. 


A wizard is never late…

22 Aug


“A wizard is never late nor is he early He arrives precisely when he needs to.”

This is my motto from here on out concerning the arrival of our son:) We are 2 weeks-ish from his due date and I am taking the pressure off of this little one. I will try to make his home inside me as comfortable as possible until he is ready to meet us!

I’ve been keeping very busy this last month on my pregnancy. Daniel and I are trying to get our home in tip top shape, setting up the babies room, baby showers galore, day trips to the mountains, lots of crocheting and knitting, dog portraits all day long and the list goes on and on.




Hey buddy!



From my pie baby shower:)


Some of my Art:)


Vintage and new books for the child:)


I had a PIE Themed baby shower! It was the bomb!



Babies first crocheted blanket made by mama:)


Our new baby Olivia the Subaru! Soccer mom realness!



My mama feeling the baby kick. I adore this woman ❤


Jemez day trip with the puppies:)



Whats new..Changes

20 Aug

Look at me, absent from my blog again for over a month. boo. I know.

August 2013 as been one of my more difficult months that I’ve encountered in a while. I’m currently going through many huge transitions in my life and they just keep coming at me.

Daniel, my husband, started Law School this month. He has also been rehearsing for a show about 4 to 5 nights a week. So between those two things we really haven’t really spent quality time together. I am unbelievable happy and proud of him for getting into law school and I am fully on board to be as supportive for him as possible do not misunderstand me, but having the lack of intimacy and quality time has really made me kinda absent in my other activities. We just need to settle into a balance. I know it will come but until then I need to realize that I’m not going through this change alone, we are doing it hand in hand.

Change, change is necessary I believe to have a fulfilled life. Stagnation kills the spirit. Even though change is hard its absolutely essential to life. I truly believe that. My closest friend got the chance to experience the change that I think she really needed in her life. Her change was to leave a job that she had been at for many years, excelled at, but at the same time I believe was sucking the life out of her. Without any more room for learning experiences or promotion she left the job to pursue a new exciting fun opportunity that was presented to her unannounced. We worked together in the same office.  I don’t really like to talk about work much. Its a dreary place. We made the best of it. Having her here really brightened my day. It was nice having someone that would smile, or say something nice about your outfit, instant message about some obscure subject that came to mind. We got to know each other and made a connection that I hope will last forever. So that being said, I am now going through a change with her leaving. The office is dimmer to say the least without the big boisterous red curls that she had. They are still looking to fill the position and me being promoted into it was passed around the table, but unfortunately in the end I was found to not be a good fit and I have come to terms with that. Her position carries a lot of stress with it and I will be happy to support whoever they deem worthy to perform that job. I just really hope they bring someone in that is enthusiastic about life, smiles, and says good morning to me:)

I don’t really know how to end this, I’m still dealing with the changes. I’ve been sicker than a dog for the past 8 days and counting (going to the Dr. again today) so that has made August even more fun. Even though I’m a promoter of change this doesn’t mean I am the best at dealing with it. I’m over it August, bring on September.

Thing to look forward to..

Not being sick anymore, getting back on my workout schedule, being able to taste food again, have a beer, Black Milk’s release of Harry Potter, Cooler weather, SOCKS (I love sock season), Scarves, boots, Balloon Fiesta, Pumpkin Patch, Hot drinks, Halloween, HOildays! Okay I just got myself all kinds of excited:)


Green striped dress and Purple tights

26 Oct

This is the super fun outfit I wore yesterday. I started out in my closet pulled out the green dress I got on sale at Dillard’s for 8 bucks then built the outfit from there. I was going to go without tights till I realized I was running late and hadn’t shaved my legs, Purple.. with green…umm yes! and what goes better with purple green and stripes.. Red of course! Duh! When I came home from work I noticed that I was wearing my dress backwards all day, haha. The neckline is lower in the back which you can’t see. My advice to you is if you are tired of the way your old clothes are looking try wearing them backwards, it will revamp your whole look!



17 Oct

Today instead of going straight to the office I am at the UNM business center getting some required training for my job. It’s a lot of different things with purchasing, really exciting stuff let me tell you! Anyways I was here 30 minutes early so I decided to hit up the gas station next door for a snack. This is what I ended up with. Wish I would of prepared something at home. Poor decisions….


Blue Blazer, uneventful day

16 Oct

This is just an action shot myself going to have some lunch from the hospital cafeteria. I wore my favorite blue blazer and mustard pants. The day was very uneventful. The office smelled like too much perfume and I no one really talked to me too much today. I lied I had one conversation with my pal Hollie about Felix’s space jump. That was freaking awesome btw. Glad to say he jumped from my favorite state and where I live good ole New Mexico. You should check us out sometime we’re awesome. K bye


Free food

26 Jul

I guess its a good time to tell you where I work. I just finished a year at the School of Medicine Office of Admissions at UNM. This past week our new med students we just matriculated have been getting settled into school. I help process their everything from when they are thinking of applying to when they apply to when they get in. Fun stuff I tell you…..right. But yes I get to help people that is a good feeling. Today they had a orientation with lunch, which mean I get FREE LUNCH! Its the best type of lunch in the world! My job comes with about 4-5 free lunches a year which is pretty fabulous if I do say so myself:)