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A wizard is never late…

22 Aug


“A wizard is never late nor is he early He arrives precisely when he needs to.”

This is my motto from here on out concerning the arrival of our son:) We are 2 weeks-ish from his due date and I am taking the pressure off of this little one. I will try to make his home inside me as comfortable as possible until he is ready to meet us!

I’ve been keeping very busy this last month on my pregnancy. Daniel and I are trying to get our home in tip top shape, setting up the babies room, baby showers galore, day trips to the mountains, lots of crocheting and knitting, dog portraits all day long and the list goes on and on.




Hey buddy!



From my pie baby shower:)


Some of my Art:)


Vintage and new books for the child:)


I had a PIE Themed baby shower! It was the bomb!



Babies first crocheted blanket made by mama:)


Our new baby Olivia the Subaru! Soccer mom realness!



My mama feeling the baby kick. I adore this woman ❤


Jemez day trip with the puppies:)




“Lighten up its just Fashion”

30 Apr

One of my favorite reality tv shows is Project Runway. If you didn’t watch the season with Santino Rice you have not lived. Please go find a way to watch this. He had the best quotes of all times including a song “lighten up its just fashion.”

I’ve been obsessed with fashion since I was a young child. My mom made most of my clothes and everything else was yard sale or thrifted. Don’t get my wrong she always had me looking super cute! I loved it. I was brought up knowing dude you don’t have to pay 300$ for a dress…. Its all about having fun, feeling fabulous and not taking it too seriously! LIGHTEN UP its just fashion:) I will live by that till the day I die!

To this day I have always prided myself on finding the best deals around and looking putting together awesome outfits. I would like to start to share this with you guys! I occasionally put up a outfit of the day photo on Instagram but I think blogging about it will be a lot more fun!

This set of photos is an outfit I wore to my husbands Bowling Birthday Party. Its super simple and clean. I can sometimes go a little outrageous and overboard in my style choices but it sure feels refreshing to put on some dark wash jeans and a soft white blouse. Plus I was trying to showcase the new hair cut. If you didn’t notice from the last blog post I went back and got it a little shorter.


The Jeans I am wearing are indeed Paige Jeans…BUT I got them from TJMAXX for a steal! Well they were actually a Christmas present but I have it on good authority they were not more than 50$ Yes that is still a lot in my opinion but when it comes to jeans finding a high quality pair that fit you like a glove is hard to do. Jeans are an investment and they can change your life. A dark wash skinny jean is a staple. Thank you mom!!!!


The shirt is from Urban Outfitters and before I hear growns from you on how ridiculous over priced that store is. I tend to 100% agree. This shirt was 5$, Yep! You heard me right. Now here is the scoop. UO has a wonderful section in all of their store of sale items. That is the only section of the store I visit. About 2-3 times a year they have a 50% off sale items. When I get that email I go to the store and find cute gems like this. Bonus- the back and a little peek a boo slit, and the material is SOOOO soft! I am a snob when it comes to being comfortable.

Which brings me to the shoes! They are Clarks naturally. I have to have a comfy shoe. I have very sensitive feet and unfortunately I can’t where cheap shoes. I tried these on at Shoes on a Shoestring. They were 70$ which I think they are worth. But being the thrifty person I am I found them on Amazon for 45$ with free shipping! SO boom!

The necklace is an oldie but goodie from American Eagle, I did get this on sale when they did there take an extra whatever % off jewelry sale items. I paid 4$


I hope this is something that you guys are interested it! I don’t know if including pricing in outfits is something you care about! I thought I’d give it a go. There is always room to spend a little extra on important pieces in your wardrobe I truly believe it that. Clothes are an investment but they are also super fun!


Fun Filled Weekend

22 Apr

This weekend was really jam packed with things and I didn’t quite get everything I wanted to get done done, but it was really fun.

Friday we were pretty tired from the week so instead of cooking we went to Sprouts and got all our favorite little snacks and finger foods and we noshed. There was hummus, olives, cheese, french bread, roast beef, horseradish, whole grain mustard, poblano peppers, tomatoes, cucumbers, and some Castlerock Pinot noir. Afterwards we decided  go see Oblivion. I don’t really like going to the movies, I always feel like I’m getting ripped off, but we had free tickets from a while back and this was a movie that I was pretty interested in. I happen to LOVE sci fi, especially post apocalyptic movies. So we went to see Oblivion with Tom Cruise. I got really comfy in a hoodie and leggings ( I hate being uncomfortable and cold in the movies) put a scrunchy in my hair and we went. I really liked this movie, it had a nice little twist that I kinda guessed before it happened. Its weird, I might be the only one that does this, but when I watched the film I kept getting distracted by the personal beliefs of Tom Cruise and how he must really like doing Sci Fi films because of how it falls in line with his religion (which I don’t know too much about) I do have to say I really liked the movie, and I got to see my precious King Slayer, Jamie Lannister. (Can’t get enought GoT)

So on Saturday we went to the dog park. After being there for about 30 min we realized our dogs weren’t really having too much fun. Lily is kinda a loner and a little grouchy, and Molly is a alpha and wouldn’t let any dog smell her, get near her, or play. So we noticed a little patch of grass that was between two baseball fields that was vacant so we took the dogs there and played frisbee. It was a beautiful day and we really enjoyed ourselves. I have to say seeing my dogs happy and getting fresh air has to be one of the most satisfying things. I wish I had grass in my backyard. We are going to try to plant some this year. NM is just so dry and I hate feeling bad for using up our states water so I can have a lawn, but we are going to try a really resistant hardy grass.

After that we were exausted and accidentally took a 3 hour nap. When we woke up we went to a local brewery “La Cumbre” and picked up a growler of hefe for Daniel’s Dads Birthday. We went over and had beer, margarita’s, yummy appetizers, yuca, and pernil. Pernil is a way of cooking pork, Daniel’s step mom is from Panama and there food is pretty awesome. I think the highlight of the night for Daniel was playing with his little sister Sabina and doing experiments with her science kit.

Sunday it was Daniels B-Day Celebration with his friends and he wanted to go to HInkle Family Fun Center. Its not my favorite places (I like to avoid places with sticky children and all the chaos that comes with winning tickets and standing in line) But my husbands inner child loves this place and if it makes him happy then I am happy. We actually had a really fun time. I will post the pictures below! We finished the day off at O’Niells one of our favorite local irish pubs. We sat outside on the patio, and enjoyed good food and good drinks. Great way to finish of the weekend!

Friday Night Nosh

ImageSaturday Morning Park


Saturday Night Dinner






Weekend Stay Cation in Santa Fe

22 Jan

This past weekend my husband and I had a little stay-cation getaway in Santa Fe. He was teaching a stage combat class for a thespian festival happening for high school students. Which left me some time do some exploring on my own. It was really fun. We enjoyed lots of good food, most notably our burgers at Bobcat bite. Which were voted best burger in the US. Check out the pics from the trip:)



Star Wars Galaxy Nails

12 Nov

This weekend I played l a lot of angry birds Star Wars, and I’d been wanting to try galaxy nails for a while, so that was the inspiration for these! Sorry my cuticles are gross, I need to work on those:(




Fall Family Photo’s

9 Nov

This past weekend I had a mission. A mission to take a great family picture, be very creative, natural, organic, with a touch of fun and class. With those ideas in hand I decided that I wanted it to be done in Belen, my hometown. It is a rural small town in New Mexico 30 minutes south of Albuquerque. I wanted to go by the Bosque, next to the river (which is completely dry btw) where there are lots of gorgeous trees, and its fall so the leaves were amazing. So before we went down to Belen I asked my mom if she could take the pictures for me, she is not a photographer but she has always enjoyed taking tons of pictures since I was little. She was excited to do it, and I assured her I would help set up the shots and manually program the camera for the lighting and what not.

We were in a bit of a rush to get down there since the lighting that I needed was going to be exactly from 4:00pm to about 6:00pm. We went to the mall in the morning where I found the cutest fasinator for my hair at Khols of 50% off, and a nice big gold menswear watch that was originally 30$ priced at 8.99$. You will see both purchases in the photos. I was very excited about the great finds and what they would add. You can say they inspired the look. Also check out my awesome red chair that I made Daniel lug around the whole universe:)  I’ll let the photo’s tell the rest of the story:) Hope you enjoy them as much as I did.

Quote of that day:

Me- “Well with that kinda of lighting we would of had to adjust the iso and fstop to make the shutter speed faster to capture the motion.”
Daniel- “All I just heard was blah blah blah I’m a nerd.”

I love my husband:)



NM Balloon Fiesta 2012

15 Oct


The New Mexico Balloon Fiesta has to be one of my favorite events every year. Its almost like a spiritual experience for me. You wake up at 3:00am, put on layers of the warmest clothes you own, (its FREEZING) catch a bus at 4:00 get to the park at 4:30 and the first thing you do is go get yourself some Tom Thumb donuts(deep fried mini donuts covered in sugar and cinnamon), hot chocolate, and a breakfast burrito. (this can be a daunting task since there are about 20 vendors that sell breakfast burrito’s all claiming to be the best) Once your settled in with those things you walk around the field watching all the first balloons start to blow up. Its still dark and the light from these balloons glow and give off such a beautiful aura in the dark sky. It great to park yourself by a balloon to feel the nice warmth of the gas flame touch your cold skin. Once the sun comes up you will experience the most amazing thing you’ve ever seen. YOu are on the field surrounded by hundreds and hundreds of balloons going up. They are filling up all around you. By the end there are more than 1,000 balloons up in the sky. Sure there are tons of people, and you are probably freezing your ass off. But man you can really feel so little and childlike in that moment. We all try to decide which our favorite balloon was, Mine were the kissing bees:) Then we head back home on the bus, with maybe a souvenir of two and some great memories. I got a 2012 balloon pin for my jean vest I wear every year, and some sterling silver turquoise balloon stud earrings, $8, we haggled with the guy:) Did I mention that this event is one of the most photographed events in the whole WORLD. They built a photographer statue at the park to commemorate this. Well I hope if you ever get a chance to come to Albuquerque, you come in October and visit the Balloon Fiesta. You will never forget it!ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImage