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Happy FriYaY

24 Mar


I’ve never considered myself a good writer but I enjoy going back and reading older posts where I let a little of my life out on a page. So here I am again.

I’m alone in my office, enjoying some coffee and a golden pride breakfast burrito that my dear husband brought to me. I’m looking out my little window knowing that my time here might be winding down. It’s a rainy day in Albuquerque, New Mexico. I quite enjoy it. We are getting down to the wire waiting for Daniel’s bar exam results to come in. I have learned to give all my hopes and dreams to God and see what comes out on the other end. This exam situation has been looming over our heads since last August. Now as we cross the threshold I am not so worried. I know to trust.

With the news of a passing score gives me the option of staying home with my little bug. There is a little part of me. The type A part, that thinks I should just keep working so what little money I make I can put toward our debt. The other part of me is like, no! This is a very, very small precious time in your life that you get to watch your son grow. You can savor every little moment. Every little soft touch. Kiss every hurt. Hold hands. Cuddle. Learn. Debt will always be there, its the nature of being a new family that just went through 3 years of law school. But I can trust that everything will work itself out. Money is the root of all evil and I honestly can’t stand it. Family is the most important thing.

I’m very thankful for my time here at UNM and I hope I’m not jumping the shark but I will miss it. I am depended upon. I’ve become comfortable in my position. After 5 years sitting in the same desk one can become a little attached. I’m definitely ready to stretch my legs. Start working out again. Feel the sun on my back. Take Henry on all the adventures. Basically have the best summer of our lives. That little bundle of joy holds my heart so tight I don’t know how it hasn’t exploded.

Summer Goals

Drink coffee outside every morning

Roll with buggy in the grass

Take the dogs on a long walk everyday



Go swimming as much as humanly possible



Put Henry’s feet in a stream

New Tattoo

Hold hands with Daniel everyday



He’s makes life beautiful

10 Jan

Frozen in time. My little man. His smile lights up ten thousand dark rooms. The warmth from his hugs. The laugh that could break down all the hurt. My heart is better. My mind is flooded with images of him. Eyes closed, his face is permanently embedded in my brain. He makes life beautiful. He makes me whole. The love I feel is unbearable. Amazement. Peace. Chaos. Hopeless adoration. I melt. I die. I come alive. He’s mine. My baby. Little toes, sweet milky breath, soft touches, squishy cheeks.

Henry Joseph Tiberius Cornish

3 Jan

This is about 4 months late getting posted but I thought I would share my birthing story for those of you interested.

What a beautiful life I’m living now that your in the world;)

Also here is a video I made to capture some highlights of my pregnancy and Henry’s arrival<3 ❤ ❤ 
September 1st, I went to work just like any other day. My due date wasn’t for another week so I decided to work until I no longer physically could. At this point the worst part was backache and heartburn. It was significant but I was determined to work as long as I could.


That evening we were offered some tickets to the Lobo football game. Being so pregnant on a work night I would usually say no but it was in the box suite so … free dinner and comfortable seating. Against my better judgement I ate 2 hot dogs along with some other things. We left at half time as it to get home too late. I needed rest for work the next day.


About 3am I woke up with what I thought were stomach cramps. I went back to bed and was woken up 30 min later with more pain. This time my stirring woke up Daniel. He jumped up and said something like, ‘are you having contractions!’ I was like no, just had too many hot dogs, bad idea! He started packing up things “just in case.” I’m glad he did because what I  thought was undigested food was the real about an hour the contractions were regular, strong and 3 min apart.


5am and I’m getting checked in. At this point my labor is fast and furious. 6 cm dilated and I was having extremely painful back labor. My water broke on the yoga ball and I continued to labor naturally. We moved to the bath which was very comforting to me. My helpful hubby jumped in with me ready to put pressure on my lower back with each contraction. I was in so much pain I stuck my whole head under the running water trying to get some relief.


We really worked through each contraction together. Daniel would count and that gave me the confidence that I could get through it and that there would be relief soon. My mom and mother in law were also there to give me a gentle touch and words of encouragement.   I deep breathed and focused all my energy into overcoming the pain.


When the Dr. came to check me at about 9:00am she gave me the news my little guy was sunny side up. Pushing him out vaginally was possible but was going to be challenging. With this extra obstacle and my already 10+ pain and 6 hrs of natural labor. I decided it would be in the best interest of me and my little one to ease mamas pain, so I could focus what little energy I had left to regain my strength. The epidural proceeded to come with its own difficulties. Staying still through major contractions to get a needle in the correct spot is a challenge but I had to have it done twice because he couldn’t get in it the right spot. After about an hour it was placed and I was begging for relief. My whole body was shaking vigorously the whole labor. It took some time but things started to ease up.


I was at 9 centimeters dilated and the doc suggested we stop my labor to try and get the baby turned into a better position. The nurses, the dr, and I did everything possible to try and turn the baby but he wouldn’t budge. Also during this time the baby’s heart rate dropped to a scary level and the dr was in full ready mode to take me in for a c section. Once they stopped the medication his heart rate went back up. He was gonna run this show.


During this whole ordeal I was so terrified I wouldn’t be able to get him out. We started pushing at 4:30pm and within the first few pushes everyone was so excited because they could see his head. Unfortunately he couldn’t get past my pelvic bone because of his awkward position. 2 hours later I was still pushing and losing the will to live. My husband tells this story best so I’ll insert his point of view here.


“It was an arduous and taxing arrival, as Henry lacked the space or desire to turn, instead remaining ‘sunny side up’ the whole way. After two hours of pushing, Dr. Solis looks an exhausted Tiffani Evangeline Cornish in the eye and gravely states ” If you aren’t able to get him out in the next thirty minutes, we are going to have to do an emergency Caesarian.” Tiffani, slumped against the side of her labor bed, oxygen flowing, closes her eyes, only to open them with a look of steely resolve; a look of legend, the like of which children sing songs into eternity. With that, mother and son worked together, mutually willing this new life into existence. Henry is born!


Upon being placed on his mother’s chest, his hands and mouth began searching for his source of life. Within seconds he was latched upon his mother’s breast, fueling for the life to come.”


Henry Joseph Tiberius Cornish was born at 6:25, weighing 7.06lbs and 18 1/2 inches long.
It was the hardest most beautiful thing I’ve ever done. This past month has been wonderful, exhausting, miraculous, emotional, painful and so many other things I can’t quite put into words. I’m so thankful for it all.

A wizard is never late…

22 Aug


“A wizard is never late nor is he early He arrives precisely when he needs to.”

This is my motto from here on out concerning the arrival of our son:) We are 2 weeks-ish from his due date and I am taking the pressure off of this little one. I will try to make his home inside me as comfortable as possible until he is ready to meet us!

I’ve been keeping very busy this last month on my pregnancy. Daniel and I are trying to get our home in tip top shape, setting up the babies room, baby showers galore, day trips to the mountains, lots of crocheting and knitting, dog portraits all day long and the list goes on and on.




Hey buddy!



From my pie baby shower:)


Some of my Art:)


Vintage and new books for the child:)


I had a PIE Themed baby shower! It was the bomb!



Babies first crocheted blanket made by mama:)


Our new baby Olivia the Subaru! Soccer mom realness!



My mama feeling the baby kick. I adore this woman ❤


Jemez day trip with the puppies:)



Being Pregnant is Bizarre

24 Jun

My husband and I have always known we wanted to start a family together. We waited 6 years until the timing felt right for us. During that time we went on so many adventures together and grew up so much. Before his last year of law school was over we decided we had waited long enough and that if we got pregnant now he would be done when the baby is born. August went by, Sept…Oct…Nov… Now I was starting to wonder if we were gonna get pregnant. I was so anxious now that it was finally my turn:) Christmas Eve I took a pregnancy test and it was negative. I finally let go of the pressure and decided, okay no worries, 2016 is a new year! Little did I know… I was pregnant;) It was just too early to tell. That just goes to show as soon as you stop obsessing and go with the flow, it will happen.

A few days later I got up to let the dogs out to pee at the wee hours of the morning. Since I was up I decided to take an another test without even thinking about it. I tossed the test in the trash without even looking at it and went back to bed. I woke up around 8 and saw that little test peeking out of the trash, picked it up… and there was a very hard to see faint blue line. I yelled for Daniel to come verify what I thought I was seeing. That little faded blue line was the first indicator of the miracle that was happening inside of me! ME! How could it be real!? I scolded Daniel for buying cheap tests and had him run to Walgreens to buy the most expensive, sensitive test they had. He asks, “Can you pee again?” I shout, “I HAVE THE PEE!!!” Bright RED lines! Pregnant:)

The Dr. wasn’t as big of a believer in my pregnancy as I was. I asked for a blood test and boom, the hormone was in there and it was on the rise! Now the wait….the wait till the “safe zone” to start telling people. I had no doubt in my mind that this little life was going to thrive inside of me. We were very cautious, probably overly cautious. “DOES THAT HAVE NITRATES?” “Can you heat that up until its steaming please?”

My first trimester flew by pretty mildly. I had a tiny aversion to cooking meat… and slight nausea. I was surprised how unscathed I was after it was over. I just remember being so happy, and so nervous, and so anxious to get a bump!

Finally, the 2nd trimester came and we rejoiced that our little sprout was growing at a wonderful pace. Our ultrasound showed him bouncing around all over the place. He was a regular old jumping bean. At that point, we didn’t know the sex but that would be revealed soon. We begged our Dr. to move our 20-week ultrasound to 19 weeks because we have no patience what so ever. Daniel and I kept thinking it was gonna be a girl but as soon as the technician asked me my guess, I instantly yelled, “it’s a boy!?” She didn’t answer me right away so in my insecurity I took it back, but my first instinct was right. It was a boy! “I’m gonna have a son.”, I thought to myself with a smile in my heart.

The bump arrived shortly after that. The small little flutters in my tummy gave me  an image of a tiny fish flipping in my tummy.

Fast forward to today. I just started my 3rd-trimester last week and it’s not all the fun and games the 2nd trimester was. My old clothes definitely no longer fit. I feel like I’m carrying around a giant gallon of water in my tummy. The back pain is an all day thing now. The nights are restless and uncomfortable. Every chair in the world is uncomfortable, haha. The kicker is we are experiencing a very hot summer, yay! …NOT.  So to the good part, he moves and grooves all day to remind me that we are a little team. No longer is he a sprout but a strong little baby, almost ready to make it out into the world. It is so surreal. He is a little person.

I was laying on the bed this morning with Daniel and I said, “It’s the three of us from now on.” I felt such a sense of calmness come over me. My little family. We made this together. With our love, we brought a new life into the world and it’s the most bizarre feeling I’ve ever had. I have always been enthralled by pregnancy but until it happened to me I had no idea how overwhelming wonderful it would actually be. It’s magic. He is magic. My gift. I will treasure these moments. Every little kick, every little flip. I’ll forget the pain but I won’t ever forget this immense feeling of joy. I’m preparing my heart for this amazing adventure. This is just the beginning of a love story.  I thank God every day for what he has given to me.


My New Adventure in Digital Art

2 Jun

Due to some odd and unusual circumstances, I have become the owner of a iPad pro.

The miracle took place at our local Dave and Buster’s, an establishment I have yet to pay a visit to since I despise the concept. Putting my hard earned money into a machine that lights up, wail’s, and spits out tickets isn’t my idea of fun.  I have a 6 pack of beer in my fridge and unlimited Mario Kart at my disposal in the comforts of my own home, haha. (I know I’m no fun at all) Back to how I acquired the precious. My husband unlike me gets a thrill at D&B’s and frequents it with his law school buddies weekly. One week he hit some sort of golden ticket jackpot. The wonderful person he is, he decided to trade in his tickets for a shiny new iPad for his bonny bride. My birthday was near and he did some research and found out the best use for the pro was for art. He purchased me the apple pencil to go along with the gift and presented it to me a few days before my Birthday:)

Long story short; I am one happy owner of an ipad pro!

I immediately downloaded the highest rated drawing app and got started on my adventure into digital art. I went with Procreate. The capabilities of the iPad and pencil together surpassed anything I could have imagined. I have been putting pencil to paper since I could hold my head up so this new technology was mind-blowing. It is sensitive to pressure so you can glide your pencil along and manipulate it as you would a real pencil. There are so many different brushes that have pretty much endless customizations and preferences.

The first thing I usually do when I am starting to learn something new is find a teacher. I dove right into youtube and started streaming tons of videos watching  artists create masterpieces. Here is a link to one of the artists I watched religiously.

Knowing what kind of power I had at my fingertips I started to create my own pieces. It started out a bit shaky but once I started to utilize all the tools things started to come together. Here are a few of my earlier pieces:)

The more videos I was watching on youtube I knew I wasn’t really creating the art I wanted to create. I wanted to create high-quality prints I could hang in my house.

My husband and I are expecting our first child:) We found out it was a boy and I wanted to create something to hang in his nursery. I was searching the web for a print of a bear and couldn’t find anything I really loved. So I decided to make my own!

That is how Rufus the Bear came to be:) One of the neat things about Procreate is it records all your steps. Here he is along with a time-lapse video of how I created him!Attachment-1 (1)



Lastly, which really shouldn’t come last, the case I put my ipad in! So my relationship with Otterbox is a long one. Otterbox has been protecting my gadgets since my first iphone a zillion years ago. I’ve even ran over my phone in one of their cases and the phone came out scratch free. That being said I went right over to their site to see what they had to offer. I snatched up a defender case right away. I got it and it was really nice. I was worried that the touch technology for the pencil wouldn’t work properly since it had the screen protector, but I was happy to say it wasn’t an issue in the slightest. This case isn’t for the faint of heart, it puts on some bulk but it really does protect it.  Luckily for me, they came out with something a little more sleek that suited my needs much better. It folds up more like a notebook and also has a little holder for my apple pencil which really comes in handy. The part that protects the screen doubles as a stand. The defender will still come in handy when I take my iPad on some mountain adventures which I’m sure will happen soon. Here are links to both cases. I highly recommend them!



I’m super excited about this new medium to create art. I am planning on doing a series of animals like Rufus and selling high-quality prints in my Etsy Shop:) Please look for an update of that soon!

Hope to keep blogging and updating you more frequently on my life and art!


Radish love:)

30 Mar

So I recently got a tattoo of a breakfast radish on my forearm. I feel like it perfectly exemplifies who I am as a person. When someone says that is a weird tattoo… I answer them with “Yep! and I am a weird person!” So it fits me!

I am passionate about so many things that its hard for me to explain my eclectic taste. Somethings have so many explanations as well as only ….. I liked the way it looked……

I love radishes, I love nature and the earth. I love that the earth gives us produce to sustain our lives. These days most people have no idea how food gets to their plate. I am a huge advocate for support local farmers and trying to reduce the amount of injury we are doing to our planet and people who live on it. Most of the farm workers that the US gets their produce for are treated very badly, work in terrible conditions, and are not paid fairly. There needs to be regulations on this. All that is reminded to me when I look down at my arm and see this radish. 

It’s a representation of my love for cooking and eating;). My husband and I delight in putting fresh cut radishes on everything we consume. That crunchy, slightly spicy, wonderful radish just makes one smile


A fresh dish that I like to make for Daniel and I. Homemade gnocchi, sauteed with carrots, cauliflower, in a parsley, garlic, white wine sauce. Topped with fresh basil and of course radishes:)



Perfect human:)

Luna Lovegood (radish earrings).  She is such a quirky strong character whom I’ve always admired and related to. She was always marching to the beat of her own drum! She didn’t care what anyone thought of her and most importantly she always stood up for what was right. I love that absent minded little weirdo:)

My grandpa likes to snack on radishes. When I was a kid I totally did not get the appeal. It was the weirdest thing to me ever. I was so intrigued I tried one myself one day. Just took a big ole bite out of it. It was not a pleasurable moment. I’m so glad I didn’t let that be the end all be all with this vegetable. My grandpa is a bit of a quirky character himself He doesn’t really relate too much with the rest of society and society doesn’t really relate to him. I have always felt a connection to him as we are both artists in different ways. It does make me think of him:)

I’m captivated by vintage prints of botanical’s. I think they are so wonderful. I had to have something like that on me! I’m so thankful I was able to find a local artist that could translate that beautiful style into a tattoo:) Here is a link to his shop if you are in the 505 he is fantastic. Ericksen Linn 

These painting were done by me:) You can actually buy one of them from my etsy shop!

These painting were done by me:) You can actually buy one of them from my etsy shop!

Self expression is huge to me. Standing out, pushing boundaries, sharing my perspective of art with the world. I am only being myself:) I will continue to find ways to show how I feel on the inside of the outside. It is such a wonderful thing and I’m happy to share it with you all!

Now pictures!


My artist was so cool. He was funny and interesting. Always kept me feeling comfortable!


It does hurt not gonna lie:) The part toward my elbow pit was the most sensitive.


Outline done!


10933849_10153543298188242_3248111717871832131_n Only took an hour and a half and it will bring me a lifetime of happiness and strange looks:)


All healed up!