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First Day back to work

3 Jan

Today is my first full day back to work. The days leading up to now were a lot harder then I expected them to be. The thought of being apart from the life form that up until now has been by my side almost 24 hrs a day started to sound wrong. My maternal instincts were saying, “how can you abandon your child?!” “He needs you!” After rationalizing with myself I was determined to make the best of it. Thank God I’m blessed to have wonderful family support particularly my mother in law and my mama to help us out during this time. That being said I have no doubt in my mind that my child is being cared for. Where does that leave me….

-I am thankful for a job that helps pay for my benefits to keep my family healthy

-I am thankful for my breast pump which allows me to nourish my baby even from far away.

-I’m endlessly thankful for my loving supportive husband to keep my spirits up and keep me reassured.

So it leaves me feeling thankful for all the support. Though my heart may be aching for the sweet snuggles of my son I know that everything is gonna be okay, and at 3:45 he will be back in my arms.