Happy FriYaY

24 Mar


I’ve never considered myself a good writer but I enjoy going back and reading older posts where I let a little of my life out on a page. So here I am again.

I’m alone in my office, enjoying some coffee and a golden pride breakfast burrito that my dear husband brought to me. I’m looking out my little window knowing that my time here might be winding down. It’s a rainy day in Albuquerque, New Mexico. I quite enjoy it. We are getting down to the wire waiting for Daniel’s bar exam results to come in. I have learned to give all my hopes and dreams to God and see what comes out on the other end. This exam situation has been looming over our heads since last August. Now as we cross the threshold I am not so worried. I know to trust.

With the news of a passing score gives me the option of staying home with my little bug. There is a little part of me. The type A part, that thinks I should just keep working so what little money I make I can put toward our debt. The other part of me is like, no! This is a very, very small precious time in your life that you get to watch your son grow. You can savor every little moment. Every little soft touch. Kiss every hurt. Hold hands. Cuddle. Learn. Debt will always be there, its the nature of being a new family that just went through 3 years of law school. But I can trust that everything will work itself out. Money is the root of all evil and I honestly can’t stand it. Family is the most important thing.

I’m very thankful for my time here at UNM and I hope I’m not jumping the shark but I will miss it. I am depended upon. I’ve become comfortable in my position. After 5 years sitting in the same desk one can become a little attached. I’m definitely ready to stretch my legs. Start working out again. Feel the sun on my back. Take Henry on all the adventures. Basically have the best summer of our lives. That little bundle of joy holds my heart so tight I don’t know how it hasn’t exploded.

Summer Goals

Drink coffee outside every morning

Roll with buggy in the grass

Take the dogs on a long walk everyday



Go swimming as much as humanly possible



Put Henry’s feet in a stream

New Tattoo

Hold hands with Daniel everyday



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