Being Pregnant is Bizarre

24 Jun

My husband and I have always known we wanted to start a family together. We waited 6 years until the timing felt right for us. During that time we went on so many adventures together and grew up so much. Before his last year of law school was over we decided we had waited long enough and that if we got pregnant now he would be done when the baby is born. August went by, Sept…Oct…Nov… Now I was starting to wonder if we were gonna get pregnant. I was so anxious now that it was finally my turn:) Christmas Eve I took a pregnancy test and it was negative. I finally let go of the pressure and decided, okay no worries, 2016 is a new year! Little did I know… I was pregnant;) It was just too early to tell. That just goes to show as soon as you stop obsessing and go with the flow, it will happen.

A few days later I got up to let the dogs out to pee at the wee hours of the morning. Since I was up I decided to take an another test without even thinking about it. I tossed the test in the trash without even looking at it and went back to bed. I woke up around 8 and saw that little test peeking out of the trash, picked it up… and there was a very hard to see faint blue line. I yelled for Daniel to come verify what I thought I was seeing. That little faded blue line was the first indicator of the miracle that was happening inside of me! ME! How could it be real!? I scolded Daniel for buying cheap tests and had him run to Walgreens to buy the most expensive, sensitive test they had. He asks, “Can you pee again?” I shout, “I HAVE THE PEE!!!” Bright RED lines! Pregnant:)

The Dr. wasn’t as big of a believer in my pregnancy as I was. I asked for a blood test and boom, the hormone was in there and it was on the rise! Now the wait….the wait till the “safe zone” to start telling people. I had no doubt in my mind that this little life was going to thrive inside of me. We were very cautious, probably overly cautious. “DOES THAT HAVE NITRATES?” “Can you heat that up until its steaming please?”

My first trimester flew by pretty mildly. I had a tiny aversion to cooking meat… and slight nausea. I was surprised how unscathed I was after it was over. I just remember being so happy, and so nervous, and so anxious to get a bump!

Finally, the 2nd trimester came and we rejoiced that our little sprout was growing at a wonderful pace. Our ultrasound showed him bouncing around all over the place. He was a regular old jumping bean. At that point, we didn’t know the sex but that would be revealed soon. We begged our Dr. to move our 20-week ultrasound to 19 weeks because we have no patience what so ever. Daniel and I kept thinking it was gonna be a girl but as soon as the technician asked me my guess, I instantly yelled, “it’s a boy!?” She didn’t answer me right away so in my insecurity I took it back, but my first instinct was right. It was a boy! “I’m gonna have a son.”, I thought to myself with a smile in my heart.

The bump arrived shortly after that. The small little flutters in my tummy gave me  an image of a tiny fish flipping in my tummy.

Fast forward to today. I just started my 3rd-trimester last week and it’s not all the fun and games the 2nd trimester was. My old clothes definitely no longer fit. I feel like I’m carrying around a giant gallon of water in my tummy. The back pain is an all day thing now. The nights are restless and uncomfortable. Every chair in the world is uncomfortable, haha. The kicker is we are experiencing a very hot summer, yay! …NOT.  So to the good part, he moves and grooves all day to remind me that we are a little team. No longer is he a sprout but a strong little baby, almost ready to make it out into the world. It is so surreal. He is a little person.

I was laying on the bed this morning with Daniel and I said, “It’s the three of us from now on.” I felt such a sense of calmness come over me. My little family. We made this together. With our love, we brought a new life into the world and it’s the most bizarre feeling I’ve ever had. I have always been enthralled by pregnancy but until it happened to me I had no idea how overwhelming wonderful it would actually be. It’s magic. He is magic. My gift. I will treasure these moments. Every little kick, every little flip. I’ll forget the pain but I won’t ever forget this immense feeling of joy. I’m preparing my heart for this amazing adventure. This is just the beginning of a love story.  I thank God every day for what he has given to me.



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