My New Adventure in Digital Art

2 Jun

Due to some odd and unusual circumstances, I have become the owner of a iPad pro.

The miracle took place at our local Dave and Buster’s, an establishment I have yet to pay a visit to since I despise the concept. Putting my hard earned money into a machine that lights up, wail’s, and spits out tickets isn’t my idea of fun.  I have a 6 pack of beer in my fridge and unlimited Mario Kart at my disposal in the comforts of my own home, haha. (I know I’m no fun at all) Back to how I acquired the precious. My husband unlike me gets a thrill at D&B’s and frequents it with his law school buddies weekly. One week he hit some sort of golden ticket jackpot. The wonderful person he is, he decided to trade in his tickets for a shiny new iPad for his bonny bride. My birthday was near and he did some research and found out the best use for the pro was for art. He purchased me the apple pencil to go along with the gift and presented it to me a few days before my Birthday:)

Long story short; I am one happy owner of an ipad pro!

I immediately downloaded the highest rated drawing app and got started on my adventure into digital art. I went with Procreate. The capabilities of the iPad and pencil together surpassed anything I could have imagined. I have been putting pencil to paper since I could hold my head up so this new technology was mind-blowing. It is sensitive to pressure so you can glide your pencil along and manipulate it as you would a real pencil. There are so many different brushes that have pretty much endless customizations and preferences.

The first thing I usually do when I am starting to learn something new is find a teacher. I dove right into youtube and started streaming tons of videos watching  artists create masterpieces. Here is a link to one of the artists I watched religiously.

Knowing what kind of power I had at my fingertips I started to create my own pieces. It started out a bit shaky but once I started to utilize all the tools things started to come together. Here are a few of my earlier pieces:)

The more videos I was watching on youtube I knew I wasn’t really creating the art I wanted to create. I wanted to create high-quality prints I could hang in my house.

My husband and I are expecting our first child:) We found out it was a boy and I wanted to create something to hang in his nursery. I was searching the web for a print of a bear and couldn’t find anything I really loved. So I decided to make my own!

That is how Rufus the Bear came to be:) One of the neat things about Procreate is it records all your steps. Here he is along with a time-lapse video of how I created him!Attachment-1 (1)



Lastly, which really shouldn’t come last, the case I put my ipad in! So my relationship with Otterbox is a long one. Otterbox has been protecting my gadgets since my first iphone a zillion years ago. I’ve even ran over my phone in one of their cases and the phone came out scratch free. That being said I went right over to their site to see what they had to offer. I snatched up a defender case right away. I got it and it was really nice. I was worried that the touch technology for the pencil wouldn’t work properly since it had the screen protector, but I was happy to say it wasn’t an issue in the slightest. This case isn’t for the faint of heart, it puts on some bulk but it really does protect it.  Luckily for me, they came out with something a little more sleek that suited my needs much better. It folds up more like a notebook and also has a little holder for my apple pencil which really comes in handy. The part that protects the screen doubles as a stand. The defender will still come in handy when I take my iPad on some mountain adventures which I’m sure will happen soon. Here are links to both cases. I highly recommend them!



I’m super excited about this new medium to create art. I am planning on doing a series of animals like Rufus and selling high-quality prints in my Etsy Shop:) Please look for an update of that soon!

Hope to keep blogging and updating you more frequently on my life and art!



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