Radish love:)

30 Mar

So I recently got a tattoo of a breakfast radish on my forearm. I feel like it perfectly exemplifies who I am as a person. When someone says that is a weird tattoo… I answer them with “Yep! and I am a weird person!” So it fits me!

I am passionate about so many things that its hard for me to explain my eclectic taste. Somethings have so many explanations as well as only ….. I liked the way it looked……

I love radishes, I love nature and the earth. I love that the earth gives us produce to sustain our lives. These days most people have no idea how food gets to their plate. I am a huge advocate for support local farmers and trying to reduce the amount of injury we are doing to our planet and people who live on it. Most of the farm workers that the US gets their produce for are treated very badly, work in terrible conditions, and are not paid fairly. There needs to be regulations on this. All that is reminded to me when I look down at my arm and see this radish. 

It’s a representation of my love for cooking and eating;). My husband and I delight in putting fresh cut radishes on everything we consume. That crunchy, slightly spicy, wonderful radish just makes one smile


A fresh dish that I like to make for Daniel and I. Homemade gnocchi, sauteed with carrots, cauliflower, in a parsley, garlic, white wine sauce. Topped with fresh basil and of course radishes:)



Perfect human:)

Luna Lovegood (radish earrings).  She is such a quirky strong character whom I’ve always admired and related to. She was always marching to the beat of her own drum! She didn’t care what anyone thought of her and most importantly she always stood up for what was right. I love that absent minded little weirdo:)

My grandpa likes to snack on radishes. When I was a kid I totally did not get the appeal. It was the weirdest thing to me ever. I was so intrigued I tried one myself one day. Just took a big ole bite out of it. It was not a pleasurable moment. I’m so glad I didn’t let that be the end all be all with this vegetable. My grandpa is a bit of a quirky character himself He doesn’t really relate too much with the rest of society and society doesn’t really relate to him. I have always felt a connection to him as we are both artists in different ways. It does make me think of him:)

I’m captivated by vintage prints of botanical’s. I think they are so wonderful. I had to have something like that on me! I’m so thankful I was able to find a local artist that could translate that beautiful style into a tattoo:) Here is a link to his shop if you are in the 505 he is fantastic. Ericksen Linn http://www.startattoo.com/ericksen-linn/ 

These painting were done by me:) You can actually buy one of them from my etsy shop!

These painting were done by me:) You can actually buy one of them from my etsy shop! https://www.etsy.com/shop/lovelymuggle

Self expression is huge to me. Standing out, pushing boundaries, sharing my perspective of art with the world. I am only being myself:) I will continue to find ways to show how I feel on the inside of the outside. It is such a wonderful thing and I’m happy to share it with you all!

Now pictures!


My artist was so cool. He was funny and interesting. Always kept me feeling comfortable!


It does hurt not gonna lie:) The part toward my elbow pit was the most sensitive.


Outline done!


10933849_10153543298188242_3248111717871832131_n Only took an hour and a half and it will bring me a lifetime of happiness and strange looks:)


All healed up!

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