“Lighten up its just Fashion”

30 Apr

One of my favorite reality tv shows is Project Runway. If you didn’t watch the season with Santino Rice you have not lived. Please go find a way to watch this. He had the best quotes of all times including a song “lighten up its just fashion.”

I’ve been obsessed with fashion since I was a young child. My mom made most of my clothes and everything else was yard sale or thrifted. Don’t get my wrong she always had me looking super cute! I loved it. I was brought up knowing dude you don’t have to pay 300$ for a dress…. Its all about having fun, feeling fabulous and not taking it too seriously! LIGHTEN UP its just fashion:) I will live by that till the day I die!

To this day I have always prided myself on finding the best deals around and looking putting together awesome outfits. I would like to start to share this with you guys! I occasionally put up a outfit of the day photo on Instagram but I think blogging about it will be a lot more fun!

This set of photos is an outfit I wore to my husbands Bowling Birthday Party. Its super simple and clean. I can sometimes go a little outrageous and overboard in my style choices but it sure feels refreshing to put on some dark wash jeans and a soft white blouse. Plus I was trying to showcase the new hair cut. If you didn’t notice from the last blog post I went back and got it a little shorter.


The Jeans I am wearing are indeed Paige Jeans…BUT I got them from TJMAXX for a steal! Well they were actually a Christmas present but I have it on good authority they were not more than 50$ Yes that is still a lot in my opinion but when it comes to jeans finding a high quality pair that fit you like a glove is hard to do. Jeans are an investment and they can change your life. A dark wash skinny jean is a staple. Thank you mom!!!!


The shirt is from Urban Outfitters and before I hear growns from you on how ridiculous over priced that store is. I tend to 100% agree. This shirt was 5$, Yep! You heard me right. Now here is the scoop. UO has a wonderful section in all of their store of sale items. That is the only section of the store I visit. About 2-3 times a year they have a 50% off sale items. When I get that email I go to the store and find cute gems like this. Bonus- the back and a little peek a boo slit, and the material is SOOOO soft! I am a snob when it comes to being comfortable.

Which brings me to the shoes! They are Clarks naturally. I have to have a comfy shoe. I have very sensitive feet and unfortunately I can’t where cheap shoes. I tried these on at Shoes on a Shoestring. They were 70$ which I think they are worth. But being the thrifty person I am I found them on Amazon for 45$ with free shipping! SO boom!

The necklace is an oldie but goodie from American Eagle, I did get this on sale when they did there take an extra whatever % off jewelry sale items. I paid 4$


I hope this is something that you guys are interested it! I don’t know if including pricing in outfits is something you care about! I thought I’d give it a go. There is always room to spend a little extra on important pieces in your wardrobe I truly believe it that. Clothes are an investment but they are also super fun!



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