10 Mar

Its funny how something like a blog can make you feel so much pressure. Its like that friend that you love spending time with, but as soon as you neglect them you feel really guilty and instead of doing the right thing and just calling the friend, you let the silence between you fester and the resentment build. Whoops, sorry blog. I know you are floating around out there, but honestly I will come to you when I feel like it and I won’t let you pressure me:) That being said. I should write more, but I have to do it for myself and when I have the motivation or else it will be pure poop.

Does this post have a point. No not really. Unless you count wanting to throw words out into the depths of the internet to relieve stress a point, then yes it has a point. Around the last time I wrote was the beginning of fall a beginning of a new season of change. That season is long gone and it is now Spring! I can proudly say I got through the winter in one piece. GO ME!

Now that the coldness has passed it is time for rebirth. The snow melts, the birds chirp, the sun warms the skin. Goals for the summer; Get a new tattoo, read more books, go to Seattle, watch a professional soccer game, take my dogs swimming, get a hair cut, make my yard look pretty, go to the park, wear flower headbands, bbq as much as possible, make a video, spend time with my family, climb a tree, plant a tree, dance, eat hotdogs, run through the sprinklers, walk 50,000 steps, all sorts of hiking and exploring, road trip, finish one of my ten thousand projects, fishing, did I say eat hotdogs? Oh and CAMPING, for sure camping!

For the past 6 months I haven’t been up to too much. I have still been doing tons of nail art. I will prob just put them all in one big blog post but if you wanna keep up with all the art I do on a weekly basis you should follow me on Instagram @lovelymugglenails
I also stocked some really adorable things on my Etsy site so you should definately go look at them:)

 ❤ ❤ ❤ xoxoooxoxoxoxo


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