To cut or not to cut……

29 Aug

That surely is the question most women have going through there head at least a million times a year.

I have had long hair for about the past 4 years and I kinda feel like its time for me to do something drastic with it. Don’t get me wrong the little girl in me love the long locks, braids, basically mermaid hair. The adult in my wants to express my individuality and my inner fashionista. I have rocked a shorter do my first year of college. I had very long hair and it was my shining glory, but once I started college I went through I huge emotional transformation and the world around me was changing, I was changing. I needed to rebel, I needed to change something that I had control over. It was awesome. I loved it. I want to feel that freedom again. I feel even more equipped with my new found confidence and also my abilities to style the shit out of it.


Here are some pictures of me with short hair. Beware these were pulled from myspace and they are super super CHEESEY!!! I’lll include some with my mermaid hair too!

(my hair is naturally wavy I used to straighten in when it was short)





But alas even though my hair is long I wear it like this 98% of days. WHich is another reason to go short…



What do you think!


K bye!

One Response to “To cut or not to cut……”

  1. Nikki August 29, 2013 at 11:02 pm #

    Very cute!!! It really is freeing to make a big change with your hair. I like your long hair too though. Have fun whatever you decide, and stay true to yourself. 🙂

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