4th of July

11 Jul

Hi my peeps.

I had a pretty chill 4th of July, it was Fantastic actually.

My husband and I decided okay whats the most fun things we can do today, so number 1 on the list was go see Despicable me 2 because we love those movies, 2 eat something terrible for you because we are American and we want to show our pride, and 3 play as much gamecube as possible.

The first thing we decided to do when we woke up was go thrifting, hello its 4th of july everything at Family Thrift Center was 50% off. I got a pair of old super highwaisted mom jeans and made them into cut offs that I didn’t even decide to wear that day. But when I will I’ll sure to show some pictures;) That totaled 4$, we got the game of Life for 2$, a weird 70’s t shirt with an American flag and bikers on it- 1$ and a brand new plastic wrapped Star Wars VHS 1$. So yeah that was pretty fun.

We got our movie tickets in advance. We purchased 2 tickets for 15 bucks at Costco, got a early bird 3D Special deal at the theater since we went at 10:40 in the morning and had a coupon for a free popcorn with the purchase of an icee. Blue Icee and popcorn for breakfast, that is what I am talking about. The movie was fantastic, a total hit. 5 stars for sure!

After the movie we headed to Frankie’s Steakburgers, which is a new joint in Abq, they are prob pretty common in other states. We enjoyed burgers, chili cheese fries, and custard. So So So yummy.

We ended the day with seeing some family, playing lots of video games, watching the Macy’s firework special on tv and the most amazing part was we got to watch illegal fireworks that our neighborhood lit from our backyard mixed with a bomb lightning show by mother nature. Then it rained thank god.

PS the other best part of the day is that I got to wear a super cute outfit, my blackmilk c3pio swimsuit, polka dot high low skirt, finished with a red belt and ronnie red lipstick! ImageImageImageImageImage

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