My new Obsession

12 Jan

Okay guys,

So I have found a new obsession. Over the Christmas break I got my first pair of Black Milk Leggings. I had been checking them out for over a year but could not bare the thought of spending almost 100$ for one item of clothing. I am a thrifty shopper, super thrifty, majorly majorly thrifty. But the product that Black Milk makes is super unique and high quality. Plus the idea of having art on my legs was an idea I couldn’t get out of my head. So one unsuspecting day my friend Chloe, who is a Blackmilkclothing enthusiast fb’d me and told me that BM was having a cyber Monday sale. I couldn’t believe it, the tights that I had been dreaming about we in my reach. The sale started and I bagged my first pair which were sold out within 5 min of the sale. 40$, and free shipping. Still felt like I was being totally exhorborent but I just had to take the chance. They were Yellow Geisha Leggings. I got them a couple weeks later in the cutest packaging, and they were all the stretchy nylon goodness that I was dreaming about. They keep free shipping till the end of the year so I was determined to get at least one more pair. Luckily my husband won his fantasy football league and gave me half, the first thought that popped into my brain was MORE BLACK MILK!!!!! I then ordered my beloved Cathedral leggings. These two pieces are my most prized possession and I will treasure them forever. Can’t wait to build my collection. They are releasing a Lord of the Rings collection at the end of January. Scheming and Plotting my way to at least one new piece. Someone help fund my insane new obsession, and good god if you are a women go get your hands on some of these amazing pieces of art. PS they make her ass look amazing no matter how big or small!


One Response to “My new Obsession”

  1. Hollie January 14, 2013 at 4:46 pm #

    GORGEOUS!! I absolutely love both of the pairs of leggings that you got – you look so cute!

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