Fall Family Photo’s

9 Nov

This past weekend I had a mission. A mission to take a great family picture, be very creative, natural, organic, with a touch of fun and class. With those ideas in hand I decided that I wanted it to be done in Belen, my hometown. It is a rural small town in New Mexico 30 minutes south of Albuquerque. I wanted to go by the Bosque, next to the river (which is completely dry btw) where there are lots of gorgeous trees, and its fall so the leaves were amazing. So before we went down to Belen I asked my mom if she could take the pictures for me, she is not a photographer but she has always enjoyed taking tons of pictures since I was little. She was excited to do it, and I assured her I would help set up the shots and manually program the camera for the lighting and what not.

We were in a bit of a rush to get down there since the lighting that I needed was going to be exactly from 4:00pm to about 6:00pm. We went to the mall in the morning where I found the cutest fasinator for my hair at Khols of 50% off, and a nice big gold menswear watch that was originally 30$ priced at 8.99$. You will see both purchases in the photos. I was very excited about the great finds and what they would add. You can say they inspired the look. Also check out my awesome red chair that I made Daniel lug around the whole universe:)  I’ll let the photo’s tell the rest of the story:) Hope you enjoy them as much as I did.

Quote of that day:

Me- “Well with that kinda of lighting we would of had to adjust the iso and fstop to make the shutter speed faster to capture the motion.”
Daniel- “All I just heard was blah blah blah I’m a nerd.”

I love my husband:)



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