Throwback Thursday – Past Art

18 Oct

I know there are a lot of people especially on Instagram who like to post #throwbackthursday photos. Well I wanted to take that concept and use it in a blog. I’ve been taking pictures of everything way way before I had a blog, but I wanted to start fresh with all most posts. So on Thursday’s I would like to do a throwback post to share something with you guys that is old to me, but will be new to you. I have some cool things I’d like to share. Lets see how long this lasts till I cannot delve any deeper into my past with keeping it fresh and interesting. This post is just some art work that I’ve done over the years in different mediums that I searched through some old pictures and found. They are not all great photos, remember this was before I thought I’d be sharing these via social media. I’ve been painting and drawing since I was very little, since I was able to hold a marker. I have always enjoyed doing it and try be creative in ever aspect of my life. I need to make more time for this, because it truly helps me express myself, plus I need to get better and take better pictures of new art to share with you!


These are some watercolors.

These are just some stuff I did with my Prisma Color Markers.


These are pencil and charcoal.



And these are digital sketches, one is from Draw Something which I actually have a huge collection of but that can get overwhelming, so I just choose one of those. The other is from the sketch pad app I have for my ipad that I like to mess around with on my breaks.


Yay, I hope you enjoyed some of these that I decided to share with you. I would love some feedback.

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