McCalls Pumpkin Patch

15 Oct


This weekend we also went to McCall’s Pumpkin Patch in Moriarty NM, about 30 minutes East of Albuquerque.  I just love love love fall. You get to put your layers on and go out and enjoy parts of NM that are just magical this time of year. I especially love going to the pumpkin patch because it really brings out the kid in you, plus I just adore being outside. There’s nothing like going on a hayride to a huge pumpkin patch and picking our your very own pumpkin out of the thousands that are out there. We enjoyed some hot chocolate, pumpkin pie, sugar cookies, and I always order a chicken tender basket, I know that is kinda weird but they have the best chicken and french fries. Its funny because every year, every year I ask the people that work there if they have any malt vinegar and every year they look at me like I’m crazy, and they go to the back to find a nice little bottle with my name on it:) Then I go to town with that stuff. We had a great time in the corn field, my husband and his guy friend we’re real manly men and led us girls out of the field that was supposed to take 30min-1hr in a whooping 15 mins! Daniel got a really sweet ass Geode from the mining shop, and I got a kick ass dinosaur ring! The way home was the best because we sang songs from Toto at the top of our lungs:) Good day!ImageImageImageImageImageImageImage

My Dinosaur ring!ImageImageImageImageImageImage

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